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lifeknot is an online community where people can meet others that share their interests and passions in any activity imaginable - or be introduced to the interests and passions of others. lifeknot is an activity partnering site that isn't just for singles.

How it works

On lifeknot (, adults may post Activities, Personal and Favorites profiles and photos. Members may indicate whether they are looking for activity partners, friends, a serious relationship or something else. All contact between lifeknot members on the site is done using an anonymous username and not a real email address.

lifeknot features a variety of ways in which to search for other members on the site. lifeknot's Activity Search allows members to find others based on any of the over 1,520 activities listed. lifeknot's Profile Search allows members to find others based on lifestyle attributes. lifeknot's Favorites Search allows members to find others based on books, bands, movies and tv shows.

lifeknot's emphasis on shared activities rather than shared personality traits lessens the vulnerability people feel when posting a profile online. As a result, people feel more comfortable contacting each other; activities shared serve as icebreakers and provide the reassurance that interests are other than skin deep.

The benefit for singles using a service that includes those in relationships is that it creates a larger network of people from which singles can meet new loves via new friends and activities. The advantage for those in relationships is that they have a large pool of people from which they can choose activity partners for pastimes they might not share with their significant other.
Who's here   (statistics compiled just this second, just for you)
  • 48,663 members

  • 51% Female, 50% Male

  • 2% are 18-24, 28% are 25-34, 36% are 35-44, 35% are 45+

  • 41% are looking for activity partners

  • 38% are looking for friends first

  • 15% are looking for a serious relationship

Did you know?
  • lifeknot lists over 1,520 activities across 45 categories. Take a look.

  • Members frequently suggest new categories and activities. Take a look.

LifeKnot ∞ Meet people that share your interests.
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