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May, 20 2008     Lifeknot: your best bet for finding your perfect partner
Meet new people in any of the more than 1,300 activities now listed at lifeknot
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February 12, 2007     lifeknot offers tips for a stress-free Valentine’s Day
Live your life and let love follow, says lifeknot
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August 15, 2006     lifeknot brings online dating and social networking to cell phones
Find activity partners, friends, and dates anytime, anywhere with lifeknot mobile
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September 1, 2005     Share life, share more says lifeknot
New Features Make Finding Friends Even Easier
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April 18, 2005     Live your life, let love follow says lifeknot
Online Patnering Not Just For Singles Anymore
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Meet new people in any of the more than 1,300 activities now listed at Lifeknot.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, May 20, 2008 - What interests and passions would one hope to share with their perfect partner? Hiking, sushi, snowboarding and Scrabble? Museums, movies and mountain biking? lifeknot, a free social networking web site that has just surpassed 1,300 member-suggested activities, makes the task of finding friends with similar interests easy.

When lifeknot first launched, the site listed just over 200 fitness and outdoor activities. Members have since suggested over 1,100 activities in categories as diverse as activism, food, languages and collecting. The breadth of activities listed at lifeknot is in stark contrast to what was a trend of niche sites that focus only on, say, dog lovers or democrats.

lifeknot compares members' activity interests, as well as favorite bands, books, movies and TV shows, to show members those with whom they share the most in common. "The ability to compare such a broad range of interests is the best bet for finding your perfect partner," says Matt Muro, founder of lifeknot. "The ability to meet someone that shares your love of camping, kayaking, scuba diving and street fairs all on one web site simplifies the search for friends with whom you'll have a rich relationship."

The emphasis on shared activities lessens the vulnerability people feel when posting a profile online. It also allows people to show a side of themselves that isn't conveyed through traditional personality profiles alone. As a result, people feel more comfortable contacting each other. Shared interests serve as an icebreaker, resulting in a more comfortable, natural way to meet new friends and dates.

In Muro's own words, "We really want people to just have fun sharing their interests. If love follows we're happy to have helped."

lifeknot helps singles, as well as those in relationships, establish meaningful friendships based on shared interests and passions. Members create activity profiles, in addition to personal profiles, listing any of over 1,300 member-suggested activities. Shared interests serve as an icebreaker, resulting in a more comfortable, natural way to meet new people, make new friends and dates. For more information please visit us on the web.

Matt Muro | cell phone: 617.388.1511 | e-mail: | website:

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