Press Releases | Snapshot | Graphics | Press | Spokespeople 2012 Readers' Choice Awards   "Life Knot encourages you to meet new friends, but also allows people to pursue romantic relationships. The thought behind this is that you can meet people in the relaxed environment of being friends first, then develop a romantic relationship if things progress in that direction. The site is geared toward singles but has a mix of individuals in varying stages of relationships. Members can post a profile, personal information, and photos. There is also a forum which allows you to interact with other members." - review, 2012 Friendship Readers Choice Awards Finalist
  "You'll notice right away that the emphasis on this site is definitely on finding those that share your passion for your favorite activities rather than having to share what you want most out of a life partner." - Luv 'Em or Leave 'Em, July 13, 2009
  "You will find thousands of adrenaline junkies at LifeKnot, a sport-oriented networking site. You create a free profile page, choose your favoured activities and are then directed to fellow enthusiasts in your area." - Times Online, November 11, 2007
  "Activities aren't limited to sports; members can choose from friends interested in organic farming or Scrabble to those who are passionate about grilling or knitting." - Denver Post, July 22, 2007
  "There aren’t any prescribed notions or expectations and the site allows freedom that other online meeting sites lack." - Phillyist, April 9, 2007
  "It's based on the premise that when you pursue your hobbies, interests, lifestyle and beliefs, you will eventually find someone that shares one of your interests and this creates an instant bonding platform." - SexySmart Blog, February 13, 2007
  "Lifeknot [has] a new google gadget to help people meet new friends with similar activity interests. Head over and check it out." - Dodgeblogium, December 3, 2006
  "lifeknot lets users create profiles and meet others with similiar interests...some activities you don’t normally find on a social networking or dating site." - Boston Herald, August 2, 2006
  "Lifeknot makes a refreshing change from networking or dating websites based on random connections between individuals who use clichés to define themselves. You feel that contacts made on the basis of shared interests, fulfilled in the real world, have a chance of lasting." - Times Online, January 8, 2006
  - Cool Site of the Day, July 18, 2005
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