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Survival skills are techniques a person may use to help other people or a person in a dangerous situation such as natural disasters.. Generally speaking, these techniques are meant to provide the basic necessities for human life: water, food, shelter, habitat, and the need to think straight, to signal for help, to navigate safely, to avoid unpleasant interactions with animals and plants, and for first aid. In addition, survival skills are often basic ideas and abilities that ancient humans had to use for thousands of years, so these skills are partially a reenactment of history. Many of these skills are the ways to enjoy extended periods of time in remote places, or a way to thrive in nature. Some people use these skills to better appreciate nature and for recreation, not just survival.

Our ancestors were in reality survivalists … This was because they were self sufficient, were responsible for one’s own self and family, protection, health, and sustenance as well as shelter. This is what our ancestors knew and lived every day. They were prepared for what life brings through planning, learning, and preparing for any possible future… Through education we can teach people how to survive more than one day at a time. We can teach them how to feed themselves and their families for life, be prepared for future unknown and the basic art of human survival to be pasted on for generations to come.

Such skills are presented as useful in situations such as storms or earthquakes or in dangerous locations such as desert, mountains, and jungle. Every different situation or location is said to present a different range of dangers - . Techniques to fit most situations are suggested by sources on the topic.

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