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A twin is generally defined as offspring produced in the same pregnancy and/or born at the same birth process, although people with unusually high genetical similarity also may be called twins although they may not be born at the same time , such as with monozygotic twins. Offspring that are not genetically identical but are born at the same time are called dizygotic twins.

In contrast, the general term for more than one offspring in the same pregnancy is multiples; a fetus which develops alone in the womb is called a singleton.

The number of living human twins in the world has been estimated to be approximately 125 million in 2006 , with just 10 million monozygotic twins . The twin birth rate in the United States in 2004, 2005 and 2006 was slightly above 32 twin live births per 1,000 live births.

Wikipedia, Twinship, (as of Apr 27, 2010)

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