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Stoner rock and stoner metal are interchangeable terms describing sub-genres of rock and heavy metal music. It combines elements of psychedelic rock, blues-rock and doom metal. Stoner rock is typically slow-to-mid tempo and features low-tuned guitars, a bass-heavy sound, melodic vocals, and 'retro' production. The genre emerged during the early 1990s and was pioneered foremost by the Californian bands Kyuss and Sleep.

The progenitors of stoner rock, like their followers today, often share the characteristic that they and their audience are "stoners," recreational users of cannabis. While it would be grossly inaccurate to describe all fans and performers of stoner rock as marijuana users, some may find that the effects of marijuana and the down-tuned, slow, and psychedelic riffs of stoner rock complement one another — which eventually led to the common usage of the term "stoner rock" or "stoner metal" to define the genre.

This kind of connection between music and the use of drugs is not unique in music culture. Similar comparisons can be made between dance music and recreational drugs such as ecstasy. Various musicians who identify themselves as marijuana users do not qualify as "stoner rock" as the style of their musical output is largely outside the genre.

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