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Spoons, also known as Pig and Tongue, is a fast-paced game of matching and bluffing family of card games of the Crazy Eights group, closely related to Craits played with an ordinary pack of playing cards and several ordinary kitchen spoons or various other objects. It is played in multiple rounds and each player's objective is to be the first in the round to have four of a kind, or to not be the last to grab a spoon. Once one spoon is taken, everybody attempts to get the remaining spoons.

Spoons is a game most popular among children and teenagers, though many adults play it as well.

The game Spoons can be played with 3 or players using a deck of 52 ordinary playing cards and a number of spoons totaling one fewer than the number of players. The spoons are placed in the center of the table with handles pointing outward so that they may be easily grabbed by any of the players. One person is designated first dealer and deals four cards to each player. Remaining cards are not needed for game and can be set aside.

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