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A snowskate is a small, bindingless snowboard, or a skateboard deck with skis, depending on the brand or style of snowskate. Singles provide a more street style, where as 4x4 kits provide a more skateboard style. Bi-decks provide the largest range, from smaller more skateboard like snowskates, to large wakeskate or surfboard like snowskates. The last, and most extreme snowskate would be the Powderskate.

The first snowskate traces its history to the Snurfer circa 1960. The Snurfer is considered to be the first snowboard to ever hit the market, but it could arguably be called the first snowskate, since it lacked any bindings. it

Circa 1970, a product called the "Snow Skate" was sold in local toy and sporting good stores. They resembled the modern day bideck snowskate. There were two ski-like aparati that were attached to the area around the truck of a skateboard, allowing the skateboard to move through the snow. Other mentionable early snowskate brands were The "Skeeter" and the "Snodad". Designs of this early era ranged from two skiblades on the lower deck to four blades on the lower deck. Sometimes, the early snowskates used metal runners, similar to ice skate blades, enabling the snowskater to use the momentum to ride well.

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