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Skiboarding is a winter sport which combines elements of skating, snowboarding, and skiing. Skiboards are used and worn in conjunction with standard ski boots that connect to the skiboards with use of a binding. Skiboards can be grouped into two general categories. Short skiboards are generally 75-110 cm long, symmetrical, twin tipped, and wider than traditional skis. Longboard skiboards range from 110cm but are typically no longer than 130cm. In addition, they can have one of two different types of bindings. The most common is non-release bindings, very similar to snowboard hard-boot bindings. Another option for skiboards is ski-like full release bindings. Riders can wear normal ski boots with either binding option. The sport is often incorrectly referred to as snow-blading or skiblading, however, "Snowblades" are a trademark of Salomon.

Firn Gliders have been used by alpine mountaineers since the 1940s to transverse summer glaciers more easily. This may be the earliest equivalent to today’s skiboards. The first prototype of the modern skiboard was the Atomic Glider , a 63.5 cm bindingless ski designed in 1982 to fit into a hiker's backpack and sold primarily in Colorado. Then, around 1990, Austrian company Kneissel introduced the BigFoot, a 65 cm ski with a binding system. The BigFoot was one of the first mass-produced skiboards, which featured a foam core, p-tex base and trademark 'toes' on the tip.

In 1992, Kent Keiswieller invented something he called the MicroSki, which was another take on skiboards. Also that year, Michael Canon became the west coast distributor for Kneissel's BigFoot. Just one year later, in 1993, Canon, Tayt Tindall and Victor Holtorf founded Klimax Skiboards.

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