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A slow dance is a type of partner dance in which a couple dance slowly, swaying to the music. This is usually done to very slow-beat songs.

"Slow dancing" can refer to any slow couple dance , but is often associated with a particular, simple style of dance performed by middle school and high school students. When two partners dance together, the leader typically holds his hands against the sides of the follower's hips or waist while the follower drapes her hands on the leader's shoulders. The couple then sways back and forth with the music. Foot movement is minimal, but the couple may use their feet to slowly turn on the spot. Because the dance requires little physical concentration, participants often talk to each other while dancing. Some couples who have a close relationship may dance very closely together, in a "hug-and-sway" fashion. Slow dancing is often considered to be just hugging and swaying, rather than an actual dance.

This simple form of slow dancing is common at dances sponsored by schools or by religious organizations, such as churches or synagogues. In Western popular culture, slow dancing can serve as a symbol of adolescent social awkwardness.

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