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Ski touring is a form of backcountry skiing involving travelling over the winter landscape on skis under human power rather than through the use of ski lifts or snow vehicles. It can take place in terrain ranging from perfectly flat to extremely steep. In either case, unlike alpine skiing, the skier's heels must be free to allow a natural walking motion while ascending and traversing. Ski touring has parallels with hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering.

Ski touring requires cardiovascular fitness, mental toughness, and a firm understanding of mountain craft. Touring involves navigating and route finding through potential avalanche terrain, and often requires familiarity with meteorology along with skiing skills. For advocates who possess the skills to safely enter the backcountry in the winter, the rewards of touring can be exceptional. Ski tourers can access mountain ranges and experience solitude, even in areas that would typically be quite crowded in the summer.

Competent ski tourers also get to experience the self reliance that few others ever get to experience in the modern world. In many mountain areas, cell phones are worthless and the ski party must rely on self-rescue should something go awry.

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