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Serbians is a word of English language which could have multiple related meanings.

It could be used synonymously with Serbs , however it could also be used as the translation of Serbian word Србијанци , especially when distinction is made between the two. In a similar way, adjectives "Serb" and "Serbian" could be used to mean "of Serbs" and "of Serbia", respectively, though they too are used interchangeably.

In Serbian language, Srbijanci are Serbs from Central Serbia, or broader, from Serbia. All Srbijanci are Serbs, but not all Serbs are Srbijanci An English speaker might use the word "Serbians" to mean "Serbs", or might use precise meaning of "Serb from central Serbia". Further confusions issues as in English the word "Serbs" may be used to refer to ethnic Serbs, or to citizens of Serbia regardless of their ethnicity, and going from there, word "Serbians" could be used in the same way.

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