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A row-crop tractor is a tractor designed to help cultivate crops after they have sprouted and before they are harvested. Other tractors were used mainly for breaking and tilling the ground before planting and for harvesting, but would do more damage than good in a field of growing crops. Row-crop tractors include the earliest International Harvester Farmalls and many Oliver tractors. Many Olivers had the words "ROW CROP" painted on them.

Row crop itself refers to any farm crop that is cultivated in rows. The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines 'row crop' as an "Agricultural crop planted, usually with mechanical planting devices, in individual rows that are spaced to permit machine traffic during the early parts of the growing season"

The first tractors designed for the ability to fit between rows of crops were made by International Harvester, with development beginning in the 1920s. The first row-crop tractors made by IH were called "Farmalls". The cultivator mounted in the front so it was easily visible. Additionally, the tractor had a narrow front end; the front tires were spaced very closely and angled in towards the bottom. The back wheels straddled two rows and it could cultivate four rows at once.

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