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The RES Group is a UK-based renewable energy project developer. Its core business is to develop, construct and operate large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy projects worldwide. As part of the Sir Robert McAlpine group, RES is active in the wind, biomass and solar energy sectors. It has been at the forefront of the wind energy industry for over 25 years and is now expanding in on-site and building-integrated renewables as well as in building design and consultancy. RES is also an independent power producer, owning and operating a growing portfolio of wind farms around the world.

Renewable Energy Systems was started in 1982 as part of the Sir Robert McAlpine group of engineering and construction companies. Its early years were spent in researching various designs for commercial wind turbines,including work on a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine model as well as the now more widely-used Horizontal Axis units. The company built its first commercial wind farm at Carland Cross in Cornwall in 1992, using 15 Vestas turbines, each of 400 kW capacity. In December 1998, the first commercial 1MW wind turbine to be designed and built in the UK was installed by RES at Slievenahanaghan, Co Antrim.

In 2001 the company built the then largest wind farm in the world at King Mountain in Texas, using 214 Bonus turbines of 1.3 MW capacity. In 2005, RES won a Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category. More recently the company has been active in the developing offshore UK wind power market. It has supported the delivery of both onshore and offshore engineering works for the Lynn and Inner Dowsing offshore wind farms off the coast of Lincolnshire in the UK.

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