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Red meat in traditional culinary terminology is meat which is red when raw and not white when cooked. Red meat includes the meat of most adult mammals and some fowl . In the nutritional sciences, red meat includes all mammal meat.

In gastronomy, red meat is darker-colored meat, as contrasted with white meat. The exact definition varies by time, place, and culture, but the meat of adult mammals such as cows, sheep, and horses is invariably considered red, while chicken and rabbit are invariably considered white. The meat of young mammals such as milk-fed veal calves and sheep, and pigs is traditionally considered white; as well as the meat of duck and goose, though the demarcation line has been shifting. Game is sometimes put in a separate category altogether .

Red meat does not refer to how well a piece of meat is cooked. Nor does it refer to its coloration after cooking. A cut of meat is red or white independent of whether it is served rare, or cooked until it is well-done.

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