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This article is about the historic identification of plants. It presents an artificial dichotomous key system, spread over many pages, to help identification. Each section is accessed by hyperlinks. The artificial keys do not use scientifically correct groups and are simply meant to be a way to try to identify plants descriptively. For a scientifically correct dichotomous key see Dichotomous key

Other systems include polyclave systems where the user can select appropriate characters for each unknown specimen. The user is thus free to choose any character in any sequence thus avoiding the rigid format of traditional keys.

Card key sytems have also been used. Cards with punched holes show a particular family characteristic and are selected accordingly. It is normally possible to find about 20 characteristics with good specimens. The cards are then stacked and the cards held up to the light. The logic is that families not selected are excluded from the stack thus eliminating those that do not comply.

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