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Parrot Head or Parrothead is a commonly used nickname for fans of Jimmy Buffett. "Parakeets" is the term used for younger fans of Jimmy, or children of Parrotheads.

The term "Parrot Head" began in 1985 at a Jimmy Buffett concert at the Timberwolf Amphitheater at Kings Island amusement park outside of Cincinnati OH. Buffett has said numerous times that he attributes much of his fame to this area. This term essentially means that one is a fan. At the show, Jimmy commented about everyone wearing Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats and how they kept coming back to see his shows, just like Deadheads. Timothy B. Schmit, then a member of the Coral Reefer Band , coined the term "Parrot Head" to describe each of those fans.

The common stereotype is of a person wearing a Hawaiian shirt, flip-flops and board shorts, or a grass skirt and a coconut bra while drinking a margarita. Many fans are members of Parrot head clubs. The general theme of being a Parrothead is one of relaxation, even while working. Some prefer the spelling "Parrotthead," reflecting the double "t" in Buffett.

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