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Ninjutsu sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpō is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi .

While there are several styles of "modern ninjutsu," the historicity and lineage of these styles is disputed.

The main character nin is a phono-semantic compound composed of two greater characters. The upper character ha or toh is the phonetic indicator; its meaning of "edge of the sword" is therefore irrelevant here. The lower character kokoro or shin means "heart" or "soul". The compound means "stealth", "secrecy", "endurance", "perseverance", and "patience".Jutsu means "art" or "technique". Pō meaning "knowledge", "principle" when found with the prefix "nin" carries the meaning of ninja arts, higher order of ninjutsu.

Wikipedia, Ninjutsu, (as of Apr 1, 2010)

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