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Longboarding is the act of riding on or performing tricks with a longboard.

Longboarding is variety of skateboarding, a relatively modern sport—which originated as "sidewalk surfing" in the United States, particularly California—in the 1950s. Longboarding was first developed by skateboarders who wanted to go faster and recreate the feeling of surfing and snowboarding on hard surfaces.

A longboard generally can be as short as 25 to around 60 inches in length, but are not restricted by length. Longboards and the idea of longboarding predates most writing about skateboarding, so the inventor of longboarding is unknown. As well as being longer than a standard skateboard, longboards may also be equipped with larger, softer wheels which afford a smoother ride. However, there are many different uses for longboards, as shown below. Because longboards are longer than a typical skateboard, it takes less effort to reach higher speeds and makes turning or "carving" much easier.

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