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Kneeboarding is an aquatic sport where the participant is towed on a buoyant, convex, and hydrodynamically shaped board at a planing speed behind a motorboat. In the usual configuration of a tow-sport kneeboard, riders sit on their heels on the board, and secure themselves to the deck with an adjustable strap over their thighs. As in wakeboarding or water skiing, the rider hangs onto a tow-rope. The forte of kneeboarding vis-a-vis other tow-sports seems to be an easier learning curve and a sense of being closer to the water when falls occur.

Kneeboarding originated in Southern California around 1965. This happened because many of the surfers of the area tried using homemade boards behind tow boats. By about 1970 kneeboards were starting to be designed specifically for being towed behind a motorized boat. Kneeboards were originally much heavier than modern boards. These older boards had a flat bottom and were shaped like large tear drops. Today's boards are made lighter and have a more concave shape to provide better performance.1 In 1983, The American Kneeboarding Association was founded and started to produce competitive events. As the competitive scene started up, interest in the sport grew. By 1988, the American Kneeboarding Association was given official sports division status from USA Water Ski.

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