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For the layperson ‘identity’ is the unique tag, label or in social media terms ‘screen name’ that is used to refer to "one and only one individual or object" . For the purpose of this discussion, each entity, animate or inanimate, must have an identity in order to be managed. Human Resources and Payroll must have an identity to distinguish between John Smith-Janitor and John Smith - Executive Vice President. In order to do this, a unique identity is assigned to each employee so John Smith-J, Janitor does not receive John Smith-VP, Executive VP paycheck. Further, both John Smiths may have a key to the executive washroom but in a different capacity. The executive washroom key may not have controls on it, as both may enter and move about freely. On the other hand, the identity keys used in identity management have security and controls attached for each entity. John Smith-VP has higher levels of security in the enterprise and these must be controlled when John Smith-J accesses his computer to log in his activities at the end of the day.

In a different scenario the employees on the third floor may be at a standstill because the printer is down. So the exact same HP laser printer-model 5023 on the sixth floor needs to be distinguished from the one on the third floor so the technician can find it. Therefore each printer is assigned a unique identity and the technician goes directly to it.

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