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Hip hop is a cultural movement that originated in the working class communities of New York City, United States, in the late 1970s. DJ Afrika Bambaataa first outlined the five pillars of hip-hop culture: MCing, DJing, breaking, graffiti writing, and knowledge. Other elements include beatboxing, hip hop fashion, and slang. Since first emerging in the South Bronx, hip hop culture has spread around the world. When hip hop music began to emerge, it was based around disc jockeys who created rhythmic beats by looping breaks on two turntables, which is now more commonly referred to as sampling. This was later accompanied by "rap" and beatboxing, a vocal technique mainly used to imitate percussive elements of the music and various technical effects of hip hop DJs. An original form of dancing and particular styles of dress arose among lovers of this new music. These elements experienced considerable refinement and development over the course of the history of the culture.

The relationship between graffiti and hip hop culture arises from the appearance of new and increasingly elaborate and pervasive forms of the practice in areas where other elements of hip hop were evolving as art forms, with a heavy overlap between those who wrote graffiti and those who practiced other elements of the culture.

The word "hip" was used as African American Vernacular English as early as 1898. The colloquial word "hip" is the actual human body part. And the word "hop" is the actual "hop" movement , in the case of hip hop however hip means intelligent or up to date and hop is the movement so together meaning intelligent movement.

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