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Hacky Sack is the trademarked name of a type of footbag.

The name "hacky sack" came from the 1965 inventors of the Footbag, John Stalberger and Mike Marshall. Although Marshall suffered a fatal heart attack in 1965, Stalberger continued the business. At a later date, Stalberger sold the title to Wham-O. The name Hacky Sack has become a genericized trademark, and can refer to either the footbag or a footbag game. The classic hacky sack circle consists of two or more players that keep the footbag off the ground without using their hands. Some common tricks include stalls, bag daggers, lifts, loops, ham spalts, and milk tosses. The idea of the game is similar to traditional Asian games of kicking the shuttlecock, known as Jianzi and Chapteh. In Korea it is called Jae gi cha gi. The game is also similar to some South East Asian games, such as Sepak Takraw and Sipa. The same principle is applied in soccer playing countries with footballs.

One recent variation of hacky sack is On the Head. On the Head involves a playing style similar to that of hacky sack, with a circle of two or more players juggling an object without the use of hands or elbows. The number of "heads" is counted, with the aim being to reach the highest possible number of collective "heads". Heads are not required to be consecutive. Once the ball touches the ground or a player's hand, the count is reset. Depending on the rules being used, a player being hit in the face may count as two "heads" .

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