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A gospel is a writing that describes the life of Jesus. The word is primarily used to refer to the four canonical gospels: the Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke and Gospel of John, probably written between AD 65 and 110. They appear to have been originally untitled; they were quoted anonymously in the first half of the second century but the names by which they are currently known appear suddenly around the year 180.

The term "Gospel" refers also to the message itself of the four Gospels or of the whole New Testament. See the separate article here.

The first canonical gospel written is thought by most scholars to be Mark , see Markan priority. Mark is commonly theorized to have been used as a source for the gospels of Matthew and Luke. In modern source criticism, Matthew and Luke are generally thought to have also used a common source, the Q document, These first three gospels are called the synoptic gospels because they share similar incidents, teachings, and even much language.

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