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Glam rock is a style that developed in the UK in the early 1970s that was "performed by singers and musicians wearing outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and platform-soled boots." The flamboyant costumes, and visual styles of glam performers were a campy, theatrical blend of nostalgic references to science fiction and old movies.

Largely a British phenomenon, glam rock visuals peaked during the mid 1970s. According to many researchers, the most famous exponents of the fashion were David Bowie,Marc Bolan and T. Rex, Gary Glitter, and Slade. Other influential British and American performers include: Queen,Sweet, Wizzard, Roxy Music,The New York Dolls, Lou Reed, Mud, Mott the Hoople, The Glitter Band, Elton John, and Suzi Quatro.

While makeup and androgyny had featured in rock culture before the 1970s, glam rock proper is generally agreed to have first been synthesised by Marc Bolan. During the late 1960s, Bolan performed psychedelic-folk music with his two-piece band Tyrannosaurus Rex, with limited commercial success until their song "Ride a White Swan" became a UK hit single. "Ride A White Swan" was released in October 1970, peaking at number 2 in the charts, followed by "Hot Love" which topped the charts in February 1971. For the band's radically reworked T. Rex incarnation, Bolan simplified the music, using elements of 1950s and 1960s styles, and loud, distorted guitars. This approach was realized in full on the album Electric Warrior released in 1971. Bolan also changed his professional image by wearing makeup and glitter, first seen during an appearance on Top of the Pops in late 1970. This appearance laid the foundation for early glam rock's 'faux gay space alien' image. Bolan's 'futuristic' stage outfits further distinguished him from his old 'hippie' persona, and the combination of loud pop songs with camp visuals appealed greatly to a large younger-teen audience. By 1972, Bolan and T. Rex boasted a fanatical popularity amongst British teenagers not seen since The Beatles, which the press dubbed "T. Rextacy".

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