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A freeboard is kind of specialist skateboard designed to closely simulate the behavior of a snowboard. Invented by Steen Strand of Freebord Manufacturing in San Francisco, CA.

It has 6 wheels, two spring locked center wheels, and four slightly raised conventional wheels. The central axis wheels are able to turn freely in all directions, which allows the freeboard to slide laterally as long as no other wheel touches the ground. By exerting some pressure on the edge wheels, the freeboarder is able to control the board. The central wheels thus mimic the deck of the snowboard, while the outer wheels mimic the two steel edges.

Most decks are constructed with a seven to nine-ply cross-laminated layup of Canadian maple. Cross materials used in deck construction, such as bamboo lighten the board or increase its strength or rigidity. Modern decks vary in size, but most are 7.5 to 8 inches wide and usually between 29 and 33 inches long. Shapes have twin tip design but no kicktails like skateboards do: a recent asymmetric shape enhances the rider's stance on shortest decks.

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