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The flying trapeze is a specific form of the trapeze in which a performer jumps from a platform with the trapeze so that gravity makes the trapeze swing.

The performance was invented in 1859, by a Frenchman named Jules Leotard who connected a bar to some ventilator cords above the swimming pool in his father's gymnasium in Toulouse, France. After practising tricks above the pool, Leotard performed his act in the Cirque Napoleon . The traditional flyer’s costume, the leotard, is named after him.

In a traditional flying trapeze act, flyers mount a narrow board , and take off from the board on the fly bar. The flyer must wait for a call from the catcher to make sure he or she leaves at the correct time. Otherwise the catcher will not be close enough to the flyer to make a successful catch. The flyer then performs one of many aerial tricks, and is caught by the catcher, who is swinging from a separate catch bar. Once in the catcher's hands, the flyer continues to swing, and is thrust back toward the fly bar in a maneuver called a "return". A return could consist of some kind of twist back to the bar, an "angel" , or any other trick that a flyer can think of to get back to the bar. Once back to the fly bar, the flyer can return back to the board, and another flyer takes a turn.

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