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Filipino martial arts refers to fighting methods created in the Philippines. The intrinsic need for self-preservation was the genesis of these systems. Throughout the ages, invaders imposed new dynamics for human conflict and combat in the islands now making up the Philippines. The Filipino people developed battle skills as a direct result of an appreciation of their ever-changing circumstances. They learned often out of necessity how to prioritize, allocate and utilize common resources in combative situations. Filipinos have been heavily influenced by the phenomenon of cultural and linguistic mixture. Some of the specific mechanisms responsible for cultural and martial change extended from phenomena such as war, political and social systems, technology and trade.

Filipino martial arts have seen an increase in prominence due to several Hollywood movies and the teachings of modern masters such as Venancio "Anciong" Bacon, Dan Inosanto, Teddy Buot, Sam Buot, Bobby Taboada, Cacoy Canete, Leo Gaje, Mike Inay, Ernesto Presas and Angel Cabales.

The oldest martial arts in the Philippines were those practiced by the indigenous peoples. They were in contact with the aborigines of Taiwan and Borneo which is evident from oral legends and the similarities between their fighting styles. The native tribes focused on combat with sticks, canes, knives and broadswords while practicing unarmed combat forms like dumog . Some of these ancient Filipino martial arts still exist but others are either extinct or very rare. Armed training took precedence over empty-handed techniques with the reasoning that a warrior will naturally learn to fight unarmed after gaining enough experience in using weapons. Even today most Filipino fighting arts remain weapon-based.

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