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According to the Eckankar glossary, the term Eckankar means "Co-Worker with God". It is likely drawn from the Sikh term, Ik Onkar. Since 1985 followers of Eckankar have described it as "The Religion of the Light and Sound of God". Prior to 1985, Eckankar was known as "The Ancient Science of Soul Travel".

Eckankar's headquarters are in Chanhassen, Minnesota . The Eckankar Temple, an outdoor chapel, an administrative building, and the ECK Spiritual Campus are located at this site.

The leader of Eckankar is known as the Living ECK Master. According to Eckankar doctrine, the Living ECK Master is respected, but not worshiped, by followers of Eckankar and is seen as a spiritual guide for their own spiritual progress. Paul Twitchell founded Eckankar in 1965 and led it until his death in 1971. Darwin Gross then took over leadership, serving until 1981. On October 22, 1981, Harold Klemp became the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, and took over leadership of Eckankar.

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