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Dwarfism is short stature resulting from an abnormal medical condition. It is sometimes defined as an adult height of less than 4 feet 10 inches ., although this definition is problematic because short stature in itself is not a disease.

Dwarfism can be caused by over 200 distinct medical conditions, and as such the symptoms and characteristics of individual dwarfs vary greatly. In the USA people who are affected by dwarfism are often referred to as little people.

Disproportionate dwarfism is characterized by one or more body parts being relatively large or small in comparison to those of a normal adult, with growth abnormalities in specific areas being apparent. In cases of proportionate dwarfism, the body appears normally proportioned, but is abnormally small. Hypotonia, or a lack of muscle, is common in dwarfs, but intelligence and lifespan are usually normal.

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