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In the Middle Ages, the accolade was the central act in the rite-of-passage ceremonies conferring knighthood.

The accolade is a ceremony to confer knighthood that may take many forms including, for example, the tapping of the flat side of a sword on the shoulders of a candidate or an embrace about the neck.

In the first example, the "knight-elect" kneels in front of the monarch on a knighting-stool when the ceremony is performed. First, the monarch lays the flat side of the sword's blade onto the accolade's right shoulder. They then raise the sword gently just up over the apprentice's head and places it then on his left shoulder. The new knight then stands up after being promoted, and the King or Queen presents him with the insignia of his new order.

Wikipedia, Dub, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accolade (as of Apr 14, 2011)

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