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Dahn is a municipality in the Südwestpfalz district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is situated in the Palatinate Forest, approximately 15 km southeast of Pirmasens, and 25 km west of Landau. It is part of the Verbandsgemeinde of Dahner Felsenland.

Dahn is located 210 m above sea level in a valley of the Dahner Felsenland, a part of the Wasgau, which is itself a part of the Palatinate Forest. A small creek, the Lauter, flows through Dahn, and here, in the area of its headwaters, is called the Wieslauter. The border with Alsace is located 10 km south of Dahn.

In 1952 the coat of arms was recreated as a result of historical research. The new shield, parted per chevron has on its dexter chief: azure , a cross argent ; on its sinster chief: gules , an eagle argent and on its base: or , a fir tree vert .

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