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Christian Science is a system of thought deriving from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy based on her interpretation of the Bible. It is practiced by members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist as well as some others who are non-members. Its central texts are The Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science & Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. In the textbook, Mary Baker Eddy describes the teachings and healings of Jesus as a complete and coherent science which is both demonstrable and provable through "demonstrations" of healing. Mary Baker Eddy spent the two years prior to the publication of Science & Health documenting evidence for the healing of various diseases and other physical ailments. In the chapter "Fruitage," accounts of healings believed to be accomplished mainly by reading "Science and Health" are given, and the chapter was appended to a much later edition than the original. Christian Science asserts that man and the universe as a whole are spiritual rather than material in nature and that truth and good are real, whereas evil and error are illusive aspects of a fictitious material existence. Christian Scientists believe that through prayer, knowing and understanding, all things are possible for good through God.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote that she learned the Christian Science method of healing as she recovered from an injury in 1866 after reading a Bible passage describing one of Christ's healings. She believed that Jesus Christ's way of healing is available to all people, now as much as in Biblical times. After this, she studied the Bible for many years and documented her understandings in the Christian Science textbook entitled Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, copyrighted in 1875 and still in print today. The Bible and "Science and Health" are the foundation for Christian Science beliefs.

At the core of Christian Science is the claim that God and God's creation are entirely good and spiritual, and that God has made all things in his likeness. Christian Scientists hold that the reality of being and of all that God makes is spiritual, not material. They see this spiritual reality as the only reality and all else as illusion or "error." Christian Science acknowledges that all people seem to be experiencing a material existence, but holds that this experience ultimately yields to a true spiritual understanding of God and creation. They believe that this is how healing through prayer is possible.

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