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A cartoonist is a person who specializes in drawing cartoons. Much of this work was, and still is, humorous and is intended primarily for entertainment purposes. Many print cartoons are of the single-panel variety and are published in print media of various kinds, for example, in magazines such as The New Yorker and Punch.

Cartoonists may work in many different formats: single panel gag cartoons, editorial cartoons, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, or animation. A cartoonist traditionally sketched his work out roughly in pencil first before going over the sketches in black ink, using either a brush or a metal nibbed pen. Today, cartoonists increasingly work in digital media.

Sometimes the term "graphic novelist" is used for cartoonists who produce long works. The word is sometimes used for those who create animated cartoons including anime. This is a misnomer. The person who designs the visual part of animated cartoons is more commonly and appropriately referred to as an animator. Animated cartooning is created for feature films and television. It is also sometimes used in regular movies for special dream or fantasy sequences or for the opening titles.

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