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Bull riding is a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a large bull and attempting to stay mounted for at least eight seconds while the animal attempts to buck off the rider. The rider tightly fastens one hand to the bull with a long braided rope. It is a risky sport and has been called "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports."

Informal rodeos began as competitions between neighboring ranches in the American Old West and the location of the first formal Rodeo is a debated. Deer Trail, Colorado claims the first rodeo in 1869 but so does Cheyenne, WY in 1872.

A pivotal moment for modern bull riding, and rodeo in general, came with the founding of the Rodeo Cowboy Association which later became the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association . Through this organization many hundreds of rodeos are held each year. Since that time, the popularity of all aspects of the rodeo has risen. In 1994 a separate organization was formed for bull riding alone: The Professional Bull Riders , which stages a large number of events including the annual PBR World Finals held at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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