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Bottle Caps are tart tablet candies made to look like metal soda bottle caps in grape, cola, orange, root beer, and cherry flavors. They are sold by Nestlé under their Willy Wonka Candy Company brand.

Bottle Caps have a sweet but slightly sour taste to them, not wholly dissimilar to Ce De Candy, Inc.'s Smarties , SweeTarts or Runts, but with soda flavors and altered shapes. Bottle Caps come in purple packages weighing 0.51 oz and containing approximately 10 pieces. They also can be purchased in a box containing 48 packages, or in small individually wrapped pouches of three candies, which can be given out as Halloween treats in the U.S. They may also come in a box with 6 oz of the candies.

In the past, Bottle Caps contained a lemon-lime flavor instead of the current cherry flavor. There was also a time when Willy Wonka Co. made Fizzy Bottle Caps . These were like the original but contained ingredients to make them fizz when eaten.

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