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Bodyboarding is a kind of wave riding . The average board consists of a small, rectangular piece of hydrodynamic foam. The board can be shaped and adapted to different riding styles, and size of rider. Bodyboarding has been growing very rapidly over the last couple of decades and has now developed into one of the fastest growing sports of all time.

Prior to 1971, bodyboards were made from wood or fiberglass and foam, and called paipo boards . Paipos made from wood do not have fins, but fiberglass/foam boards usually have fins. Modern popularization of the sport was made possible by Tom Morey who designed the first mass-produced bodyboard coined the "Morey 'Boogie' Board". Though the initial rider for Morey was Ben Field, as the years progressed and the sport went to higher levels, competing became a larger aspect of the sport.

The bodyboard differs from a surfboard in that it is much shorter and made of foam. The board consists of a foam 'core' encapsulated by a plastic bottom and a softer foam top known as the deck. The core is made up from dow/polyethylene, arcel or, more recently, polypropylene. Each type of foam gives the bodyboard a different amount of flex and control for the rider. Dow/polyethelene cores are best suited to cooler waters as they can be too flexible in warm water and the board does not flex properly.

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