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Beef cattle are cattle raised for meat production . The meat of cattle is known as beef. When raised in a feedlot a are known as feeder cattle, and are larger than other cattle. While the principal use of beef cattle is meat production, other uses include leather, and products used in shampoo and cosmetics. The plural beeves, when referring to such meat-animals , is well known in the American cattle industry, but is often restricted to steers.

Breeds known as dual purpose breeds are also used for beef production. These breeds have been selected for two purposes at once, such as for both beef and dairy production, or both beef and draught. Dual-purpose breeds include the Brown Swiss and many of the Zebu breeds of India such as Tharparkar and Ongole.

A steer that weighs 1,000 lb when alive will make a carcase weighing about 615 lb , once the blood, head, feet, skin, offal and guts have been removed. The carcase will then be hung in a cold room for between one and four weeks, during which time it loses some weight as water dries from the meat. When boned and cut by a butcher or packing house this carcase would then make about 430 lb of beef.

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