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Baptists are a group of Christian denominations, churches, and individuals who subscribe to a theology of believer's baptism , salvation through faith alone, Scripture alone as the rule of faith and practice, and the autonomy of the local church. They are generally characterized by the practice of immersion and a disavowal of authoritative creeds. Baptist churches are regarded as falling within the family of Protestantism, and some churches or individuals further identify with evangelicalism or fundamentalism. Diverse from their beginning, those identifying as Baptists today differ widely from one another in what they believe, how they worship, their attitudes toward other Christians, and their understanding of what is important in Christian discipleship.

Baptists number over 110 million worldwide in more than 220,000 congregations and are considered the largest world communion of Protestants. 2009 marked the 400th anniversary of the first Baptist congregation.

The term Baptist comes from the Greek word βαπτιστής , which is related to the verb βαπτίζω , and the Latin baptista.

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