LifeKnot isn't just for singles. First and foremost, LifeKnot makes it easy for you to meet new people and make new friends that share your interests and passions in any activity imaginable. Because it's just as important to have great friends as it is to have a significant other.

Sure, you can use LifeKnot's profiles to find a significant other like traditional sites. But we honestly feel that using lifeknot's Activities and Favorites Profiles will help you make life long friends first without the pressure of trying to find your soul mate based solely on a personality profile.

So live first! Find friends to share activites with through LifeKnot Activites and those people that share your passions through LifeKnot Favorites and let what happens happen. Live life. Share life. LifeKnot.
LifeKnot Activities Profiles provide a level of granularity absent on other sites. We even permit users to add categories and activities so that they may find other people with interests as unique as their own. You can even place yourself on a group eMail list so you can mass-eMail all users on that activity's group email list by simply composing one eMail: suggestions on gear to buy, find partners for rock climbing, scuba diving or just meet and talk with people that share your interests and passions.
LifeKnot Personal Profiles allow users to describe themselves personally. They can list whether they are looking for love or just friends and activity partners. Sure, you may use our profiles like those of other sites to find a significant other. When it comes down to it, however, we at lifeknot feel that sharing activities that you're both passionate about leads to a fuller, more exciting relationship that you can share with others. So use lifeknot to find others that share your interests and passions and let what happens happen.
LifeKnot Favorites Profiles allow you to find other lifers that share very specific interests with you: little known musical artists / bands, independent / foreign films, books and more. Simply create a few favorites lists then use our search screen to find other lifers that share those very same interests.
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